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Job description and responsibities:
1.In charge of detect the problem for the facilities and remove it.
2.Calibrating and maintaining the facilites as the company'maintanence planning.
3.Summarizing and analysing the records for repairing and maintanence records, find if the issues existing and report and fix the issues.
4.Priortizing on who has the expeience on repairing saw machines,lathes and other mechanical facilities and equipmemnts.
1.Age of 25-48, Male.
2. 3 years experience on repairing the mechanical facilites.
3.Understanding PLC programming.
4.Obeying the rules and working hard.
Welfare: RMB4500-5000 per month, 8 hour working time per day, One free day per week, enjoying public holidays, accomodations available, five assurances.

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