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Sales representatives


1.Age of 22-40, Senior School graduates, majoying marketing,mechenical,for top excellent one, the limits extented.
2. Prioritizing on who has experience for the mechanical products selling. No experience and good at selling can be trained.
3. Understanding the traditional selling and selling on internet or e-commerce platform.
4.Good at marketing analysis or insight.
5.Good at communications and Active on selling.

Welfare: Bottom Salary 3000 plus the bonus, approximate RMB5000-10000 per month, 8 hour working time per day, One free day per week, enjoying public holidays, accomodations available, five assurances.
Working add: No. 2 Jinhuai Rd, Shuangfeng Economic& Development Zone, Hefei of Anhui Province.
Ruijie is specialized on manufacturing forging parts,mechanical machining and Tunnel shield cutter ring and so on. Ruijie is expanding his business and size and investment, Sincerely invite the ambitious talents to join Ruije for mutual development.

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