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Lathe operator(manual lathe)


Job description and responsibities:
1. On-time Finish the assigned duties related to process or physical forings.
2.Strictly use the lathe as the working instructions.
3.Striclty machining the parts as drawings and the proccess documents,filling out the process-step cards and other quality records documents.
4. In charge of daily facilites maintenence.
1. konw to how to operate the lathe, two years expeience or equal.
2. Age of 22- 45, Male, working hard.

Welfare:  RMB4500-5000 per month, RMB 150 per day for matual operators, 8 hour working time per day, One free day per week, enjoying public holidays, accomodations available, five assurances.
Working add: No. 2 Jinhuai Rd, Shuangfeng Economic& Development Zone, Hefei of Anhui Province.

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