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Job description and responsibities:
Jor description and responsibities,
1.in charge of welding.
2. fully obeying the stanardized working instructions and
other quality limitations, Avoid the defects occurrence.
3. Active in cooperating with the QA to analysing the root cause on
quality issues and  follow as corrective actions, to avoid the re-occurrence.
1.Age 22- 48, male, good health, working hard.
2. two-year experience on welding job.
3. Easily reading the drawings and do as the print.
4. Obtaining the welding approval certificate.
5. Oben the rules or arrangements.

Welfare:  RMB4500-5000 per month, 8 hour working time per day, One free day per week, enjoying public holidays, accomodations available, five assurances.
Working add: No. 2 Jinhuai Rd, Shuangfeng Economic& Development Zone, Hefei of Anhui Province.

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