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  Anhui Ruijie forging Co,.Ltd is located in Shuangfeng Industrial development Zone, hefei of Anhui Province, it covers approximate 4000 Square meters, the registered capital is 10 Million RMB, it was established in 20004 and expanded in 2006. Ruijie is one of the lead suppliers who is specialized in manufacturing the forging parts for more than 10 years.
Ruijie is also researching&developing the much business on the tools and cutters for tunnels, and producing more shield and TBM cutters and accumulating much experiences, and joint-venture with more technical institutes&Universities and cooperate to develop the new material to prolong the lifetime for shield and TMB cutters, establish the production base and R&D centers with more prestigious Universities such as Anhui University and Hefei University of Technology. Now Ruijie is striving on inventing the new style cutters for the tunnel's heading machine and enhancing its applications, targeting and expediting on cutters industry to be localized and home-made.
Ruijie consists of R&D, forging production, machining and trading, and has long-history in manufacturing the forging parts by free forging, Membrane forging, currently owning the facilities and equipment as below:


No Description Size  Capacity Quantity
1 Electrohydraulic Hammer travel distance 2.3m   1
2 Controller machine   8 ton 1
3 Material Loader    6 ton 1
4 Air Hammer    1 ton 1
5 Controller machine   1 ton 1
6 Closed Cooling Town System     1
7 Crane    10 ton 4
8 Crane    5 ton 3
9 Tempering Oven 1600mm×5500mm   2
10 Tempering Oven 800mm×2200mm   2
11 Gas-burning Tempering Oven   35 ton 3
12 Gas burning heating oven (ITC) 2.8M×4.5M   3
13 Gas burning heating oven (ITC) 1.2M×4.0M   1
14 Saw cutting machine 4280     3
15 Saw cutting machine 42120     1
16 Saw cutting machine 4245/65     1
17 Saw cutting machine 4250     2
18 Saw cutting machine 4115     2
19 Automatic Saw Cutting machine     2
20 Vertical Lathe  1.6M   1
21 Horizontal Lathe 61100     1
22 Horizontal Lathe 6180     2
23 Lathe 630     2
24 Milling machine 650mm×2m   1
25 CNC Lathe  GSK980TDD     2
26 platform trailer      1
27 Drilling machine     2
28 Forklift   6 ton 1
29 Welding Machine ZX7-500     4
30 Welding Machine
(Carbon dioxide welding )
31 Ultrasonoscope     1
32 MPI Detector     1
33 Optical hardness tester      1
34 CNC Lathe 630     1
35 CNC Lathe 6180     1
36 Quenching water tank 6000mm*3500mm*1800mm   2

Axle: 12M(length), single weight: 8 ton.
ring: 1.6M max, single weight: 4 ton
Sleeve: 3M(length), Single weight 4 ton
Round plate: Dia 2.2m (max), Single weight 6 ton.
  2、Ruijie's qualifications and honors list,
Jan 2010    Being member of Chinese Forge Society
Jan 2010    passing the approval of ISO9001:2008 quality system.
Nov 2010   Our GM Mrs.Lv Xiulian become the vice director for Anhui Forging Association.
Oct 2013    Changing the coal-heating oven to Intelligent temperature control Gas burning oven, conforming to the request of environmental protection.
Aug 2014    Safety Production Certified to be National Level III standards
Dec 2014    Obtaining Eight patents for utility models
March 2015  Qualified to be the company of National Hi-New Technology
Dec 2016     Obtaining Eight patents for utility models
March 2017   Compiling two National Standards for forging.
Dec 2017     Obtaining Eight patents for Inventions
Jan 2018     Obtaining Eight patents for Inventions
April 2018    Approved by ISO9001:2015 International Quality System
Approved by ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System
Approved by OHSAS18001:2007 Occupational safety and health management system certification
April 2018     Obtaining Seven patents for Inventions
In order to enhance his marketing competence, Ruijie spent more years and investment to establish the project specialized in researching the tool cutters for tunnel borers, organizing the sources for the marketing investigation, new products development, production and selling. Ruijie has supplied more shield cutters and its accessories to China railway construction Co,.Ltd, and optimize the design to better suitable to the different geological situations, the cutters can be applied to soft-soil to hard rocks.
With the long-term RD and innovation, Ruijie have enhanced his techniques on refinery melting, forging, vacuum heat treatment, fully machining, and finally invented shield cutters branded as “Chaoruike”。
Ruijie has passed ISO9001:2008 quality system approval, reach National Class III Safety production level, and also be patented 14 inventions and got the patents for utility models, and has been the member for Chinese Forging Association.
Ruijie is substantial for his technical powers, and has talented engineers to monitor the production steps processes, and possessing a professional-experienced team, have the capability to producing the special and exotic material in heterotype, and often supplies the parts or components to the top 500 firms in China, the service scope: metallurgy, mining machine, oil drilling and detecting, wind-power, chemical, railway, bridge facilities.
The parts and component have been widely sold to all over the world and enjoying the good reputation and performances for the quality and delivery.