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What is the effective cutting speed (ve) and why it is always very important for the basic calculation of the effective cutting speed on the high productivity effective diameter. Because the table fee

Date:2014-8-4     Views:3458

If the nominal diameter of the tool (Dc) is used in calculating the cutting speed, the effective or actual cutting speed is much lower than the calculating speed when the cutting depth is shallow. Tools such as round blade CoroMill200 cutter (especially in small diameter range), ball end milling cutter, large tip arc radius end milling cutter and oroMill390 end milling cutter (see Sample C-1102:1 of Sandvik Coleman's mould manufacturing). As a result, the calculated feed rate is much lower, which seriously reduces productivity. More importantly, the cutting condition of the tool is lower than its ability and recommended application range.

When 3D cutting is carried out, the diameter of cutting is changing, which is related to the geometric shape of the die. One solution to this problem is to define the steep wall area of the die and the part area with shallow geometry. If special CAM program and cutting parameters are programmed for each area, good compromise and result can be achieved.

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