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Why is the round blade milling cutter the most frequently used tool for rough machining of dies?

Date:2014-8-4     Views:3254

If shoulder milling cutter is used for rough milling of cavity, a large amount of step-like cutting allowance will be removed in semi-finish machining. This will change the cutting force and bend the tool. The result is to leave uneven machining allowance for finishing, which affects the geometric accuracy of the die. If the square shoulder milling cutter with triangular blade is used, the cutting effect will be unpredictable. Triangular or diamond blades also produce greater radial cutting force, and because the number of cutting edges of the blades is small, they are less economical rough cutting tools.

On the other hand, the circular blade can be milling in various materials and in all directions. If it is used, the transition between adjacent cutter paths is smoother, and a smaller and more uniform machining margin can be left for semi-finishing. One of the characteristics of round blades is that the chip thickness they produce is variable. This allows them to use a higher feed rate than most other blades.

The main deflection angle of the round blade changes from almost zero (very shallow cutting) to 90 degrees, and the cutting action is very smooth. At the maximum depth of cutting, the main deviation angle is 45 degrees, and 90 degrees when cutting along the straight wall with outer circle. This also explains why the strength of the round blade tool is high - the cutting load is gradually increasing. Round blade milling cutters, such as CoroMill200 (see mould manufacturing sample C-1102:1), should always be preferred for rough and semi-rough machining. In 5-axis cutting, the round blade is very suitable, especially it has no restrictions.

By using good programming, round blade milling cutter can largely replace ball end milling cutter. Round blades with small jitter can be combined with fine grinding, positive rake angle and light cutting groove. They can also be used in semi-finishing and some finishing processes.

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