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Is there one of the most important factors in the cutting process?

Date:2014-8-4     Views:3373

One of the most important goals in the cutting process is to create a uniformly distributed machining allowance for each tool in each process. That is to say, tools of different diameters (from large to small) must be used, especially in rough and semi-finish processes. The main criterion at any time should be to be as close as possible to the final shape of the die in each process.

Providing uniformly distributed machining allowance for each tool ensures constant and high productivity and safe cutting process. When AP / AE (axial cutting depth / radial cutting depth) remains unchanged, cutting speed and feed rate can also be kept at a higher level. In this way, the mechanical action on the cutting edge and the change of workload are small, so the heat and fatigue generated are less, thus improving the tool life. If the following processes are some semi-finishing processes, especially all finishing processes, unmanned processing or part of unmanned processing can be carried out. Constant material allowance is also the basic standard for high-speed cutting applications.

Another beneficial effect of constant machining allowance is that it has little adverse effect on machine tools - guideways, ball screw and spindle bearings.

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