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In 2018, the company successfully won four invention patents

Date:2018-5-24     Views:1833


Recently, four patents for invention were authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office. The patents are "Free Forging Technology for GCr15 Bearing Ring", "A Processing Technology to Prevent the Eccentricity of the Die", "A Processing Technology for Separate Die", "Research on Full Fiber Forging Technology for Crankshaft Forging". The patents are ZL2016104948.3, ZL201610453909.1 and ZL201610453909.1, respectively. ZL201610453922.7, ZL201610454880.9.

All along, the company's technicians are committed to improving product technology research, through adjusting process design, further optimize product performance. Through repeated tests, R&D team and technicians overcome many difficulties in the R&D process, and solve one after another difficult problems, successfully developed and developed the "ultra Rick" shield tool.

Up to now, the company has successfully obtained 23 National patents, including 7 invention patents, 16 utility model patents, more than 10 patents are being declared (including three invention patents). In recent years, the company has focused on increasing investment in R&D and actively carried out technological innovation.

Through years of efforts, the company has reached a higher level in the field of invention patents. These patent achievements have accumulated momentum for the future development of the company, further enhanced the technological content of the company's products, enhanced product stability, improved the core competitiveness of the company, and provided strong scientific and technological support for the company's further development.

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