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"Chao Rick" Shield Tool Driving with You

Date:2017-4-27     Views:2752

In order to conform to the development of tunnel engineering tool market, the company has accumulated many years of experience in the production and research of shield-TBM tool, and jointly developed new materials that can prolong its service life with Masteel Steel Research Institute and Shanggang Steel Research Institute. It has established production, teaching and research bases successively with Hefei University of Technology and Anhui University of Technology. The company aims to develop new matching tools of tunnel boring machine and improve the suitability of products. Aiming at usability, the aim is to promote the localization process of tool matching in the industry.
For many years, in order to improve the market competitiveness, the company has set up a project on the cutting tool matching of tunnel boring machines, organized relevant forces to conduct market research, product development, manufacturing and sales. The company provides shield cutter accessories for China Railway and other shield cutter companies. According to different geological conditions, the company carries out the reinforcement design of cutters, and provides customers with professional matching companies from soft soil to Hard Rock Roadheader cutters.
Through many years of R&D and innovation, after refining, forging, vacuum heat treatment, finishing, fine polishing, research and development of "ultra Rick" shield tool.
The "Chao Rick" shield cutting tool has the characteristics of wear resistance, non-crimping and non-cracking. It has been widely used in tunnel engineering and pipeline construction, and has won the praise of customers all the time!

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