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On the road of development, the hope of burning red

Date:2017-4-13     Views:2694

On the road of development, the hope of burning red
—— The company successfully participated in the 2017 International (Hefei) Rail Transit Facilities, Equipment and Construction Machinery Exhibition.
On March 23, 2017, under the leadership of Chairman Lu Meilian and General Manager Liu Chunchao, the company actively participated in various exhibitions of the 2017 International (Hefei) Rail Transit Facilities and Construction Machinery Exhibition.
The exhibition was officially opened at 9:28 on March 24. As the sole speaker among many entrepreneurs, Chairman Lu Meilian made a speech at the opening ceremony, fully showing the company's scientific and technological research and development, product advantages, quality control and good development of the enterprise, leaving a good impression on the industry.
After the opening ceremony, many companies such as China Railway Fourth Bureau, China Railway Five Bureau, China Railway Seven Bureau and China Railway Seventeenth Bureau took the initiative to get a detailed understanding of the company's booth, and expressed great interest and willingness to cooperate with the products developed by the company. In addition to potential customers visiting the company booth, many downstream enterprises also come to the company booth, hoping to have cooperation opportunities. The organizers of Chengdu Rail Transit Exhibition also sincerely invite the company to participate in the special exhibition of track in Chengdu.
The exhibition successfully demonstrated the company's competitive advantages of various products, and also reached a number of companies'initial cooperation intentions, laying a solid foundation for the success of later cooperation, so that the company can effectively launch on the road of development, igniting a red-hot hope!

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