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The company holds a sales meeting

Date:2014-10-30     Views:3639

On October 26, 2014, a sales conference was held in the company conference room. The participants are the main leaders of the company and the heads of various departments.
At the meeting, the company's current situation and various results were analyzed, countermeasures were studied, measures were implemented, and plans were arranged and deployed.
At the meeting, the heads of various departments conducted self-review, especially in the aspects of financial inclination to sales, technological process need to be improved, production arrangements need to meet the delivery date, forging technology should be improved, etc. They expressed their collective efforts to do a good job in the "rear" of sales.
The Ministry of Commerce has analyzed the current market and put forward the idea of expanding the market, assessed the customers and talked about the maintenance of the old customers, reported and prospected the development of new customers, analyzed the repayment and worked out the repayment plan of "fixing the rated time and fixing the person's responsibility". At the same time, we have exchanged and standardized the work with various departments in the sales process, such as invoice, invoice process, quotation, contract management, logistics and so on.

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