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Forging seamless steel pipe with GCr15 fills the gap in China

Date:2014-9-24     Views:3456


The seamless pipe made of GCr15 material is widely used in metallurgical industry, but there is still no seamless pipe made of GCr15 material at home and abroad. If it needs to be used, it is made by forging or boring.
In the process of forging GCr15, it is very difficult and costly to forge because of the high carbon and chromium chemical composition of the material. In one year, after many tests, our company has mastered the complete technology of GCr15 material forging, and has provided many batches of qualified products for customers, which has won unanimous praise from customers and the same industry.
Now our company can forge the pipe blank with inner hole of 170 *50 *3000, which fills the gap of GCr15 material for steel pipe in China.

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