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Our company's energy-saving and environmental protection project was selected into Hefei Shuangqian Project

Date:2014-9-3     Views:3521

Anhui Ruijie forging "coal to gas" - - natural gas heating furnace energy saving renovation project, selected in the second batch of Hefei Shuangqian project in 2013, "energy saving and comprehensive utilization of resources" project.
After the project transformation, the enterprise's production capacity will remain unchanged according to the annual output of 6000 tons of forgings. The original coal-fired forgings consume 2 tons of coal per ton, 12,000 tons of coal per ton, equivalent to 8571.6 tons of standard coal. Now the enterprise is transformed into natural gas-fired forgings, which consume 440 cubic meters of natural gas per ton, 264,000 cubic meters of natural gas per ton, 3205.8 tons of standard coal, and can save 5365.8 tons of standard coal per year.
After the completion of the project, 5365.8 tons of standard coal can be saved annually. At the same time, due to the improvement of automation level, the labor cost is reduced and the finished product rate is increased, which can save more than 5 million yuan annually for enterprises. Moreover, the pollution of the environment in the production process is reduced by "coal to gas" and the economic and social benefits of the whole project are considerable, and the technical and economic indicators are good.

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